Tamron’s New 150-600mm is the Sharpest ‘Budget’ Birder Lens

Tamron 150-600mm Lens DxO

DxO Labs has run the new Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens through its DxO Mark tests and indicates that it beats out other “budget” super-telephoto lenses, including Canon’s classic (and more expensive) 100-400mm L lens. Of course, it offers an additional 200mm on the telephoto end over the Canon lens as well.

The Tamron lens was also pitted head-to-head against the Sigma 150-500mm and edged it out as well. Check out the entire comparison and test results over at DxO Mark.



  1. David Garmont says

    The Canon version has been out for a few weeks now but when will the Nikon version be released? There is a big price differential between it and the Sigma but not much in the way of better performance and quality drops rapidly after 500mm. I think Tamron have missed out on the Nikon owners who will now see that owning the Sigmas is just as good and cheaper. Poor marketing Tamron.

    • Radek says

      Where can the Canon version be bought? I just checked at B&H and they still don’t have it. It only supposed to be available from January 17th.
      I am on a lookout for a good long zoom for couple of years and until now there is simply nothing with decent quality and affordable price out there. My only hope is with this Tamron. I will buy it as soon as I will be able to, unless Sigma will come up with something totally new. Their latest lenses are very promising.

  2. forkboy1965 says

    Just went to the site to read up on it. I’d like 600mm for my birding work, but I already have the Canon prime 400mm f/5.6 (I’m too poor for anything nicer ;-)

    Reading the review when mounted to a 7D, like mine, the case kinda disappears. Were I looking for my first budget zoom then it may be a serious consideration, but not so much after reading and being an owner of a 400mm.

    But still.. credit to Tamron for getting out there a sweet 600mm at a very attractive price and with easily comparable performance.