Nikon D4s Official Announcement Due February 25?

Nikon D4S-2

The Nikon D4s was only teased a bit at CES 2014. At the time, details were scant. According to Nikon Rumors, it looks like the camera may be officially announced with a full reveal on the specs and pricing next week on February 25.

After CES 2014, we started to see some specs and new features that we think will be on the D4s.

Nikon D4s Rumored Features and Improvements

  • New focus mode: now can use 3D-Tracking in 9 or 21 points group
  • Native ISO: 100-25,600
  • Improved time-lapse movie recording: can change interval shutter in 1/6 stop (adjustable)
  • White balance can be fine tuned by 0.25-0.50 Kelvin
  • You can adjust the color tone of the camera LCD screen
  • Same resolution as the D4 (16MP)
  • HD movie at 60 fps/1080p
  • Small change in the body design
  • Same price as the D4 ($5,996.95 in the US)


  1. says

    I’m a D3s and D700 shooter. But I think with the micro advancements this body may have over the D4 … and the recent BIG announcements from other manufacturers like the Panasonic GH4 and the forth coming Pentax medium format in SLR body … this announcement may go unnoticed. Even though it caters to a small segment of the market, a flag ship body would typically get a fair amount of attention.

  2. Blackdog says

    So – what’s the point?

    Nikon, its time you get with the program…this camera wont sell any better than the original D4.

    Suggestion – bring out a quality rangefinder (20/24MP) with changeable Nikon lens and you’ll be the industry leader again…will it happen – No, probably not.