LaCie Now Offers a 5TB External Hard Drive


As the data storage demands of photo and video professionals/enthusiasts continues to grow, the storage industry continues to strive toward larger capacity drives in smaller physical footprints. LaCie is now the first manufacturer to deliver a single 5TB in an external hard drive enclosure.

As of now, the 5TB 7200RPM drive is available in LaCie’s 5big Thunderbolt Series, 2big Thunderbolt Series and d2 Thunderbolt Series external hard drives.

The 5-bay 5big Thunderbolt unit is now available in max capacity up to 25TB with only five 3.5″ drives inside. Thanks to the Thunderbolt connectivity, RAID 0 configurations offer up to 785MB/s data transfer rates. The 25TB configuration runs $2499. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

The d2 Thunderbolt 5TB drive runs $450 for a single 5TB drive, while the 10TB 2big Thunderbolt drive sports a pair of 5TB drives and runs $899.