Geonaute 360 is a 360° Action Camera


The Geonaute 360 camera is the first of its kind – a 360° action sports camera. It combines three wide-angle lenses and image sensors for a complete, almost-spherical view of the world around it.


The easiest comparison to make is to GoPro – and there were a ton of action camera knockoffs as CES 2014. The Geonaute 360 was the one camera that stuck out from the crowd.

It is not uncommon to see multiple GoPro cameras mounted on a single individual pointed in different directions – say, a downhill skier. The Geonaute 360 achieves s similar effect with a single camera that records in three different directions.

Of course, with the Geonaute, you are stuck on a single axis for all three cameras. Whereas, three GoPro cameras could give you a broad range of viewpoints.


The camera can be submerged up to 1 meter and has a number of accessories available for several mounting options.


The Geonaute 360 captures 2k video (2048 x 1024), 8MP still images and offers an interval photo option. The rechargeable Li-ion battery provides up to 2 hours run time.

Geonaute Screenshot

Screenshot of Geonaute Video Playback – Main Screen (top) is Draggable to See All of Image

The stitched 360° video is viewable in the Geonaute Studio software and can be embedded online with an interactive playback window at


The Geonaute 360 is available for $499 USD at its pre-launch price. You can order the camera and learn more about it on the Geonaute website.