indiSYSTEM Announces the $179 HDSLR B-ROLL’r Rig


indiSYSTEM is known for its ultra-affordable HDSLR sliders and jibs. Now, the company has unveiled a new $179 B camera rig, dubbed the B-ROLL’r Rig.

It weighs less than 2 lbs and uses standard 15mm titanium rods in its build out to a basic HDSLR shoulder rig. It is designed to fold down to 12″ x 6″ for easy transport. An optional $19 tripod mount allows the B-ROLL’r to attach to a tripod head for quick conversion.

Check out more details and images here on indiSYSTEM’s website.

Additionally, indiSYSTEM has update its entire line of shoulder rigs with titanium rods, handles and cross mounts.