Really Nice Images Updates Film Presets for Lightroom

Really Nice Images

Really Nice Images announced it has released a new generation of it’s film-emulating preset package ‘All Films’ for Adobe Lightroom users. After studying a number of archive samples, Really Nice Images recreated some really old film looks like Kodachrome from the edge 50s and 60s or Agfa Chrome from 70s.

Really Nice Images Sample 1

The film presets are available separately as an Iconic Films pack or Faded Films pack for $39.99 each. Or, you can purchase both packs of presets for $69.98.

Really Nice Images Sample 2

You can see more details and purchase the presets from the Really Nice Images website.


  1. Daniel И says

    The main problem with these presets is a heavy form off addiction they cause. After first try I keep applying them to all my old photos. They just make any crappy picture so analog, filmy and nice. Reminds me the early days of Instagram.

  2. SheriffJon says

    Did anybody try to make a comparison how it performs against the real film? I googled but cannot find any relevant review.

  3. Andrew Lloyds says

    Really good film-simulating kit. I wish it could be built straight into my Fuji X-E2. It’s much nicer than Fuji’s native film profiles.