Canon Announces a 30x Zoom Pocket Camera and World’s Deepest Waterproof Camera

Canon PowerShot SX700HS

Canon has added five new point and shoot cameras to its annual refresh of the PowerShot line.

The PowerShot SX700HS is a 16.1MP camera with a 30x optical zoom lens, built-in WiFi, NFC and 1080/60p video capture. The SX700HS retails for $349.99 and should be available in March 2014. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

Canon PowerShot D30

The PowerShot D30 is a waterproof model rated to a depth of 82 feet, which Canon claims as the deepest waterproof camera to date. It is also shockproof to 6.5′ and temperature resistant from 14F to 104F. The D30 features a 12.1MP sensor, 1080p HD video and a 5x zoom lens.

The PowerShot D30 retails for $329.99 and should be available in April 2014. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

The Canon ELPH line gets an update with three new models that are tiered at price and feature points to cover the low-end consumer range.Canon PowerShot ELPH 150 IS

The PowerShot ELPH 150 IS is a 20MP compact camera with a 10x optical zoom and 720p video capture. It runs $149.99 and should be available this month. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 140 IS

The next step down is the PowerShot ELPH 140 IS with a 16MP sensor and 8x optical zoom, as well as 720p video. The price is $129.99 with February availability. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 135

Finally, the PowerShot ELPH 135 rounds out the bottom of the barrel with a 16MP sensor, 8x zoom and 720p video. The ELPH 135 does not have optical image stabilization like its new siblings. The ELPH 135 runs $119.99 and is available this month. Check it out here at B&H Photo.



  1. Oberoth says

    Is it really that hard to make a high-end water proof camera?

    Underwater cameras need all the light they can get so why give this camera a tiny, tiny f3.9 maximum aperture, compounded by using a tiny, tiny 1/2.3″ sensor!

    All I want is a waterproof Sony RX100M II, beautiful 1″ sensor, 20mp, super fast f1.8 lens, 10fps and 1080p60. Too much to ask?

    • Autolycus says

      There are two options really – spend loads of money on a high-end digital camera, plus an even more expensive housing – then be prepared for tears when a single grain of salt, sand, or an invisible human hair, allows water ingress at 40 metres, just as you’ve started your ascent and in the sure knowledge that you’re going to have to hover at nine metres, then five metres, for many, many minutes – if not hours – of decompression.
      The good news is that you can watch your expensive housing fill up with seawater as you do your deco stops – safe in the knowledge that, whilst the camera is now scrap, you May still be able to rescue the images on your SD card – and the housing will be fine after a good rinse, with a new, freshly-greased o-ring…
      But you’ll then have to see if your insurance company coughs up for a new camera…
      …Or, you could buy a simple SeaLife digital.
      Cheap as chips (under USD $100 for a basic model now), tough as old boots and good down to 60 metres, right out of the box. Slot in your SD card, a couple of AA batteries and you’re good to go.
      And if this one leaks at depth, no real worries…! Bin it and buy another one.
      But have a long, hard look at the way you’re opening and – more importantly, Closing your underwater photographic equipment… After all, that’s the second one you’ve trashed in the space of one article…!
      In you case, perhaps a second-hand Nikonos III might be Your best bet.

  2. Oberoth says

    Thanks Autolycus, I don’t think I have the balls to take my slr into the sea with me for the very reasons you stated. Plus those cases are crazy money for what they are.
    I guess I will just keep waiting on, maybe the TG-3 iHS?