New Pentax 645D Coming Spring 2014

Pentax 645D II

Ricoh has announced that it is launching a new Pentax 645D model this spring. The new 645D will feature a medium format CMOS sensor, which seems to be a new trend. Additionally, the camera is said to “high-speed response” and feature a tilt-type LCD.

Pentax 645D II LCD

Based on the images released by Ricoh, it looks like it will support the SDXC UHS-I cards and will probably have dual slots like its predecessor. The new 645D model is rumored to have video capture capabilities, which is supported by the front image of the camera that shows what appear to be mic holes on the prism housing.

Pentax 645D Mic Holes

Pentax 645D Possible Mic Holes

These are not present on the current 645D model.

Current 645D No Mic Holes

Current 645D No Mic Holes

The images of the new model show a HDMI output as well.

Canon 645D 2014 HDMI Port

However, the current model also features an HDMI port, which gives you the ability to review images in-camera, but on a larger display than the built-in LCD screen. It’s worth noting, though, that the port cover is larger than the one on the current cover, so there are likely several more ports hiding under there – possibly an audio-out port? However, if that was labeled, it would almost certainly confirm video recording capabilities.

There is a lot to get excited about when you start thinking about recording video on a medium format sensor. Most Hollywood films are shot on APS-C/Super35 sensors or film frames. The next jump for big blockbuster films is to IMAX at 65mm frames. 65mm film covers an image area of 48.5 x 22.1mm. The original 645D features a 44 x 33mm CCD sensor. (The way IMAX runs 65mm film results in a final image that is 69.6 x 48.5mm). Of course, IMAX delivers frames at roughly 18K resolution and we probably can’t hope for that from Pentax. If the rumor is true, however, the bokeh-licious video from the new 645D might prove irresistible for some.

Pentax 645D Wide-angle Zoom Lens

Along with the new 645D, Ricoh also revealed a new Pentax wide angle zoom lens designed specifically for the digital medium format camera.

Ricoh did not release any specific price of availability dates for either product.



  1. alvin says

    video on a 44×33 sensor .. would be fantastic, as you said , almost a digital IMAX but before they actually do one..(I think we are not far away..)- but if this camera is video enabled, shouldn’t we see signs of it in the command dial on top , kinda A,S,bulb and movie mode?