iPhone 6 Might Have 10+MP Camera and f/1.8 Lens

iPhone 5 iSight Camera

Among all the other things Apple has figured out is the camera on the iPhone. I recently switched from an iPhone 5 to the Galaxy Note 3. While it has numerous advantages over the iPhone (for my use), its 13MP camera still lags well behind the iPhone 5 and 5s. It’s not all about the hardware either. Apple does a great job with the image processing and I just get better images out of it than I do any other smartphone I’ve used.

Apple has been stuck on the 8MP camera for three generations now, dating back to the iPhone 4S from 2011. However, the aperture has dropped from f/2.4 in the iPhone 4S/5 to f/2.2 in the iPhone 5S. Apple has clearly demonstrated that 8MP is enough for a smartphone as it has continued to focus on the overall photography experience.

iPhone 6 Concept

iPhone 6 Concept (source)

Rumors of much larger models coming in for the iPhone 6 release (up to 5.5″ displays as the rumors go) are accompanied by rumors that Apple will again step up the camera hardware, including the resolution, to a 10+MP sensor and a f/1.8 lens. Additionally, rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 will see a new resin lens filter, which is lighter and thinner than comparable IR filters and should result in better image quality fro the 10+MP CMOS sensor.

[via MacRumors]



  1. Jared says

    I have the original Galaxy Note, and will upgrade to the Note 3 in a few months.

    Personally, I don’t see the need for more than 8MP on a cell-phone, in fact, I preset my resolution for around 2MP. I don’t think I’ve ever shot at full-resolution from my phone, as most of my ‘phone pictures’ are for reference, not for printing, or heavy editing.

    It’s nice to see companies pay more attention to camera details (finally). I’m sure others will follow along as well.

  2. jason feldman says

    lets not forget that an 8mp sensor can shoot 4k… my sony F55 has an 8.9MP sensor. would apple offer 4k video on an iPhone- my guess…yes yes yes. 4k will mean more mac pro sales and since fan boys buy apples overpriced memory and hard drives and 4k requires a bunch of storage, even if apple gave away the 4k version they will make a killing…but they won’t have to because everyone will be lining up around the block to pay double. i am an apple customer so i am in a sense making fun of myself even though I am not as blind or sheepish (is that a word lol) as some hard core apple nutJOBS.