Capture NX 2.4.6 Now Available, Includes D3300 RAW Support

Nikon Capture NX 2

Nikon has updated Capture NX 2 to version 2.4.6. The new version now supports RAW files from the Nikon D3300 and includes the following updates:

  • Advanced settings, such as Sharpening, under Camera Settings > Picture Control in the Develop section of the Edit List palette can now be adjusted, even when Unchanged is selected for Picture Control when RAW images are opened.
  • The following modifications and additions have been applied to White Balance > New WB in the Camera Settings portion of the Developsection in the Edit List palette.
    • An Auto 1 option has been added to White Balance > New WB options. Capture NX 2 adjusts white balance for colors similar to those achieved in images captured with a camera’s Auto 1 (Normal) * white balance setting.
      However, only RAW images captured with the following cameras are supported.

      • The D7000 and later digital SLR cameras

You can download the update here on Nikon’s website.