Nikon Camera Control Pro ver. 2.13.0 Available

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2

Nikon has released an update for Camera Control Pro 2 to version 2.13.0.

Modifications for the new version include:

  • Support for the D5200 has been added.
  • When the focus area displayed in the Camera Control Pro 2 live view window is double-clicked with autofocusing in live view mode, the camera will now focus automatically.
    However, the camera will not focus automatically with the following cameras when Hand-held is selected for Live view mode.
    –     D3-series cameras, D700, and D300-series cameras

Additional modifications to the Windows version

  • Compatibility with 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise has been added. However, under 64-bit versions, this software operates as a 32-bit application.

Additional modifications to the Macintosh version

  • Support for OS X version 10.8 has been added.
  • Support for Mac OS X version 10.5 has been eliminated.

You can download the update here on Nikon’s website.



  1. sjms says

    Actually 2.16.0 is the current version via an update. They just seemed to put up 2.13.0 as the baseline now