Nikon D4s to Feature 4K Video Capture?

Nikon D4S-2

Could the Nikon D4s be the first Nikon camera in the 4K realm? Just maybe so…

Nikon EU Product Manager Zurab Kiknadaze was quoted in a recent interview with Trusted Reviews that Nikon is “aware of the need for, and request for, 4K video recording.” He went on to note that 4K video “is a bit tricky” and it “puts such a load on the equipment.” Kiknadaze said that Nikon is aware of the demand and that the company “will be looking into it for the future.”

With Canon and Sony already positioned in the 4K camera market (and Panasonic getting ready to launch a 4K camera), it is only a matter of time before Nikon joins the 4K crowd.

Nikon D4S-4

We know very little about the D4s; however, what we are sure about is the D4s is getting a new image processor – mostly like one or more EXPEED 4 processors. The same processor gives the entry-level D3300 and D5300 cameras the ability to capture 1080/60p video, which we can be sure these entry level cameras aren’t pushing Nikon’s new image processor to the brink.

Nikon D4S-3

Certainly, the D4s will capture at least 1080/60p video – if not 1080/120p or, just maybe, 4K/24p or higher frame rates. If Nikon managed to offer 4K video in a sub-$6000, full frame camera, it would make quite the splash in the cinema camera market.

[via Nikon Rumors]