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    It has long been a bewilderment to me that the great and mighty gods of Adobe have blessed us with Smart Objects and yet continue to produce tutorials that require us to rasterize our smart objects before we can actually use them. Everything I do in Photoshop either starts with a Smart Object or is converted to a Smart Object if I’m handed a rasterized image. Raw, Tiff and Jpeg files are always funneled through Camera Raw; PSD’s can now be sort-of edited in Camera Raw using the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop CC.

    I have a handy Adjustment Brush preset in Camera Raw cleverly entitled “Teef” that is used for whitening teeth. The preset is +.10 exposure and –37 saturation. A quick swipe over the teeth with a small, slightly feathered brush; a few seconds of cleanup on the mask and the subject now has white teeth. I am a portrait and wedding photographer, and I do this nearly every day, several times a day. Every three or four months I have to change those settings a tiny bit for a particularly difficult situation, but the preset usually does the job.

    Please, Adobe, quit showing us techniques for Photoshop 6 and 7, and give us some nice juicy Smart Object magic!