Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Hands-On

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2-5

The Samsung Galaxy 2 camera was announced just prior to CES 2014. It follows the original Samsung Galaxy Camera as an Android-powered camera running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and includes the TouchWiz UI.

Original Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Camera 2

Original Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Camera 2

The camera features a 16MP 1/2.3-inch sensor and a 1.6GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM. The lens is a long 21x optical zoom lens, yet it has a very slow f/5.9 aperture at the long end. Frankly, I think the camera would be more attractive if Samsung would opt for a larger sensor and a shorter 4x-5x lens that keeps it roughly the same physical size (see, e.g., Sony RX100).

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2-3

The screen a bright 4.8″ HD touchscreen LCD. It looks great and works well.┬áNotably, Samsung only mentioned WiFi and NFC connectivity in its announcement. It is unclear at this point whether or not Samsung will offer a version of the Galaxy Camera 2 with built-in 4G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2-2

I’m still not sold on the Android camera as a dedicated camera, but I’m less opposed to it than I previously was. The second generation Galaxy Camera seems to have a little more polish to it based on my very limited time with it; however, I still prefer a dedicated point and shoot camera over it, and certainly prefer the better image quality you get from a larger sensor over the extend zoom range and tiny sensor combo in the Galaxy Camera 2.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2-7

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 in White and Black

The biggest head scratcher is if Samsung brings the Galaxy Camera 2 out as a WiFi-only camera with no option for 4G connectivity when you are away from a hot spot. It seemed that 4G connectivity was the feature that set the original Galaxy Camera apart. So, if we only have WiFi in the Galaxy Camera 2, it becomes a much closer call with all the other WiFi cameras out there (even if they aren’t running full Android OS.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2-4

No word on pricing or release date yet, but will have more when it becomes available.



  1. Richard Evans says

    No the sensor is just fine thank you. I’ve tested the new WB350F with the same sensor and the results are excellent. If you increase the sensor size so that you can do severe crops then you will also have to increase the lens size and weight. Samsung does offer a camera like what you are asking for; the Galaxy NX. But are you willing to pay $2000+ for a camera that’s as big as a DSLR and uses multiple lenses to cover the same focal range? Proper use of the lens on the SGC2 means you won’t need to crop. Add the in camera photo enhancements and connectivity options and you have a winner in the SGC2. Given all of the features of the SGC2 including 28 presets and a full Android tablet with a 308ppi display this is a bargain. It’s like an S4 with a super zoom added at no cost. The price will be $450. They eliminated the 3G because wifi is all you need.
    I own a Sony DSLT and a fine collection of Minolta lenses. I use this when I am on a photo expedition. I wouldn’t carry it around with me all day and certainly not anywhere like the beach where blowing sand could get inside and cause serious damage. Also I need a wide range zoom because I don’t want to change lenses. But more importantly I want an Android camera. The original idea for Android was to use it as a camera. This new SGC2 is perfect for me and I’ll bet it will sell very well, even more than the original.
    I rarely use my cell phone but I do want access to apps. I just refuse to pay the high prices (not to mention sign a two year contract) for data service. This camera has a full Android computer. If Samsung listened to the naysayers and offered a camera with a tiny zoom limited to mostly portrait use and a large sensor the price tag would have to be higher and it wouldn’t sell. Prosumers who want a large sensor in a smaller camera already have plenty of choices.
    This one is for us, Android users who want a crazy long zoom and an affordable price tag in a compact design.
    I can’t wait to get one!