Photoshop Photography Program Extended (Again) Through Feb. 28

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Deal

Adobe is beating this dead horse into the ground. I have lost count of how many times the Photoshop Photography Program has been extended.  This time, however, the deal is only available for those who own CS3 or later products, but the price remains $9.99/mo. And, yes, I do actually think this is a good deal, but Adobe is killing me with the on again/off again routine.

The Photoshop Photography Program offers access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 (plus respective feature updates and upgrades as they are available), 20GB of cloud storage and Behance ProSite, via Adobe Creative Cloud for $9.99/month as an annual subscription.

You can find more details here on Adobe’s website.



  1. Dan says

    I hate Adobe CC. Had it over 1 year and I constantly have issues with it needing network access and locking me out. As a bonus Adobe managed to get hacked and all my info was taken. Then they just increased the prices to $50/month for the rest of my life and if I EVER can’t pay it, not only do I not get any of the new features or future versions (to be expected), I can’t even OPEN, read, or export my existing projects or export an old video I edited because of the proprietary project files. I wish that someone else made decent software for a PC. Maybe this is a good chance for Apple to make their software available across platforms.

  2. says

    I can imagine that there are 10’s of thousands of customers just like me …. if not more than that.
    I am a sincere hobbyist and take photography and photoshop seriously. I am also a senior with limited resources.
    I also use as the fist product in my workflow Lightroom. I do have CS6 and use it as needed.
    What I would like to see Adobe do is create a program that uses LR and then has the features that photographers need using photoshop for that. I do not need all the things that photoshop can do. Sure it may be fun to try some of those but I really do not need them.
    How about that program, maybe call it Processing LR & PS for Photographers. Don’t make it one that I need to subscribe to monthly but make it as your products were in the past when we were ALL happy.
    I along with most photographers will gladly buy it …. and so will the students in college all over the world.