Seagate Launches 4TB Backup Plus Fast USB 3.0 Portable Drive . . . and It’s Really Fast!

Seagate USB 3 Hard Drive-3

One of the many exciting storage products unveiled at CES 2014 is the new Seagate 4TB Backup Plus Fast.

Seagate USB 3 Hard Drive-4

It features a pair of 2.5″ laptop-sized, 2TB drives inside configured in RAID 0. The USB 3.0 connectivity allows you to realize the full speed benefits of the RAID 0 configuration with transfer speeds up to 220MB/s. Additionally, the drive is bus-powered, which means it is easy to carry around a whole lot of storage while on the go and access it from anywhere with you laptop alone powering the drive.

Seagate USB 3 Hard Drive-5

The price is a very reasonable $270 considering the portability, storage space and speed this unit delivers.

Seagate USB 3 Hard Drive-6

In addition to the 4TB unit, Seagate launched several other slim units in the Backup Plus Slim line ranging from 500GB to 2TB in size. There are single drive units and, therefore, about half as thick as the 4TB unit.

Seagate USB 3 Hard Drive

More details on Seagate’s website.



  1. didaskalos says

    So, why not carry two 2TB disks?
    I’m undewhelmed.
    4TB slim, fast drive–now that’s news!

    • says

      Yeah, the 220MB/s speed advantage is the big deal here thanks to RAID 0. You’d have to carry a slim SSD drive if you want the size advantage too, but that’s a whole lot more coin you’d have to shell out. If you don’t need the speed of the RAID 0, then a slim 2TB is the best you can do for now. But still, that’s pretty amazing considering what was possible a few years ago…

    • Jo Blass says

      I agree with didaskalos. And I’m sure there are more than 2 of us in the crowd. It’s all about marketing.

  2. says

    I love this thing.
    I need for a long 1 Week Shoot about 1-2TB of Data and I have 3x WD 2TB 2.5 drives at the moment. If you need to travel a lot, this is a fantastic solution. As soon as possible I order one.
    For traveller cinematographers and RAW shooter this is a fantastic solution. I hope its not that expensive.