Nikon D4S Photos from CES 2014

Nikon D4S

Nikon has the D4S on display at CES 2014. It is under glass. They won’t get it out and had nothing more to offer in terms of specs, availability or price. Everything we know is here.

More photos below.

Nikon D4S-4

I suspect we will see the D4S at the Olympics next month (although I got a “no comment” when I asked) and, perhaps, we will learn more at CP+, which starts on February 13 in Japan.

Nikon D4S-7

Nikon D4S-6

Nikon D4S-5

Nikon D4S-3

Nikon D4S-2



  1. Dan says

    I’m a bit perplexed at why they did this. Of course we all know a D4s is in the works…I’m assuming Nikon didn’t give the engineers 2 years off after the D4 came out. I’m assuming they did this so they could have D4s bodies out at the olympics without people going crazy….otherwise this doesn’t make sense cause all they did is basically say “Don’t buy a Nikon D4…something better is coming!”

  2. Dr.Albert says

    Nikon strategy is driving me bunkers with respect to their models. I payes $6000 for the D3s two years ago, followed by the D300s and now the D7100. Why can’t they come out with these functions as specified in the D4s on the prior models and hole it there. Nikon users will prefer this approach. They should spend the time developing low cost lenses with superior optics that will make owners hayyy. The money is in the lens and not the bodies…