Sony ILCE-5000 (A5000?) Leaks Out


A Sony ILCE-5000 camera has been registered on the Taiwan National Communication Commission website, which likely points to the upcoming release of the camera. CES 2014 would be a good time frame to see it show up.

The Sony A3000, A7 and A7R all carry the “ILCE” moniker in their technical product number. While we all refer to the cameras with an “A” prefix, they are technically the Alpha 3000, Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R – or more precisely (using the symbol) α3000, α7, and α7R. It would be logical then that the ILCE-5000 follows the new “Alpha” branding (“NEX” is dead) and carries the product name α5000 when it officially arrives.

No doubt is will be a mirrorless camera and be a step or two above the A3000 and well below the A7 and A7R.


Sony’s press conference at CES 2014 will take place on January 6 at 8pm ET. We’ll be there with hands-on coverage if it drops at CES.

[via Photo Rumors]



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    The ILCE is a new series of middle-entry devices that compete against Canon’s Rebel cameras. They are smaller and available at very low prices. Sony Alpha Rumors, the ILCE-5000 is allegedly a more advanced version of the Sony A3000, but other than that the full specifications of the camera remain unknown