Final Cut Pro X Background Rendering in OS X Mavericks Not Working? Turn Off App Nap.


One of the grand new features in OS X Mavericks is App Nap, which saves on power to extend battery life on MacBooks. One of the unfortunate side effects is that is kills background rendering in Final Cut Pro X and other apps that take advantage of background rendering.

To make background rendering work again, simply turn off App Nap. The process is simple.

  1. Right-click on the application.
  2. Choose Get Info.
  3. Check the box “Prevent App Nap.”
  4. Enjoy background rendering again.

[via Planet5D]



  1. forkboy1965 says

    This is one of those features that should only be active when installed on a laptop. I don’t know why Apple can’t write their OS to differentiate between a desktop and laptop for these sorts of things.

  2. Christopher Fugle says

    It would appear that this fantastic tip also applies to Aperture 3 on the Mac as well.