Watch This Viral Family Christmas Card About Christmas Jammies

We send out Christmas cards to friends and family every year – usually made up of a photo or two of the kids and printed at And while our kids are pretty darn cute, the Holderness family wins Christmas cards for 2013.

Check out the above video of the Holderness family as they rap their way through their 2013 updates to the tune of Will Smith’s “Miami”. This viral hit has taken the Holderness family onto Fox and Friends, GMA, HLN, CNN and more. So far, the video has amassed over 10.5 million views on YouTube.

This isn’t the first time the Holderness family have created a video for a Christmas card. Here’s the video from 2012:

You can read about more of the Holderness’ endeavors on The Pennternet¬†and their video production business channel on YouTube, VisitTheGreenroom.



  1. Gare says

    I usually don’t care much for stuff like this, but I actually watched the whole thing and laughed all the way through! Very well done!