New Mac Pro Available Tomorrow


Apple has just announced that the new Mac Pro will be available for the first time tomorrow, December 19. Recall that Apple announced the new Mac Pro back in June 2013 with a radical departure from the Mac Pro form factor we have known since 2003.


The cylindrical-shaped Mac Pro is less than 10″ tall and is available with up to dual 3.9GHz Intel Xeon E5 processors and dual AMD FirePro D700 GPUs at 6GB each. The storage is all PCIe-based flash at up to 1TB storage space and up to 64GB RAM.┬áThe small form-factor means that the new Mac Pro leverages heavily on the six Thunderbolt 2 ports for connecting additional storage and peripherals.

Mac Pro RAM

Mac Pro RAM Slots

The Mac Pro starts at $2999 and $3999 for base configurations for the quad-core and 6-core options, respectively. Check the Mac Pro page on Apple’s site for ordering options when it goes live tomorrow.