Polar Pro Filters Offer Exposure and Color Control for GoPro Hero Cameras

Polar Pro Filters-3

Pro Pro filters have been around for a couple years; however, I saw them for the first time at PhotoPlus 2013. The filters are designed for GoPro cameras and offer polarized, macro, underwater and ND options.

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The Polar Pro filters are available for all GoPro cameras – from the original Hero, to the latest Hero 3+. Most run about $30. They are available for GoPros with out without the waterproof case.

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If you’ve never considered adding a neutral density filter to a GoPro camera, it adds the ability to control the exposure options for a camera that is otherwise completely auto exposure.

A common problem with flying GoPro cameras in a drone is the jello effect created by the vibration of the rotors. Adding a 3-stop ND filter will drop the high shutter speed and allow a little motion blur to seep into the footage and reduce the jello effect.

You can see an example of GoPro drone footage with and without a Polar Pro ND filter in the video below.

Another example of what Polar Pro filters do for GoPro footage are the underwater filters removal of the green color cast you get in typical underwater footage.

Polar Pro Filters

Check out the example video of a Polar Pro underwater filter below.

While I haven’t personally used these filters yet, based on what I’ve seen up close and in demo videos, I think they are a very functional tool to have in a GoPro kit. Even if you don’t do the underwater or drone shooting, I can think of plenty applications to use a polarizer or ND filter when shooting with a GoPro.

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