PluralEyes 3.3 Update Available

PluralEyes 3

Red Giant has updated PluralEyes to version 3.3. The new version adds a Smart Start feature that automatically organizes footage and allows you to drop entire folders full of audio and video clips inside of PluralEyes and the software creates bins containing the relevant footage and audio.

You can check out a demo of Smart Start here.

Even for programs that offer automatic syncing of multiple video and audio clips, the organization comes nowhere close to what PluralEyes 3.3 looks to be doing. When we first saw FCP X and Premiere Pro adding audio syncing, I thought we would be near the end of PluralEyes. However, seeing new features like Smart Start coming out, it is clear that Red Giant is staying way ahead of the game with the PluralEyes development.

PluralEyes 3 Screenshot

In addition to Smart Start, PluralEyes 3.3 adds support for the Canon C300, XF300 and other XF cameras, with full support for spanned clips.

The upgrade is free for PluralEyes 3.0+ owners and is available via the built-in updater inside PluralEyes 3.0+. You can find more info about PluralEyes here on Red Giant’s website.