Photomatix Pro 5 HDR Software Released

Photomatix Pro 5

HDRsoft has released version 5 of its popular Photomatix Pro high dynamic range (HDR) software.

HDRsoft details that version 5 “introduces a new tone mapping tool designed to give realistic looking results, while preserving details in highlights and shadows.  The tool offers controls over both local and global contrast, letting users achieve a range of effects by adjusting the enhancement of details and lightening of shadows.  It also includes built-in presets, giving convenient access to different styles with a single click.

The other major new feature in Photomatix Pro 5 is an exposure fusion tool that targets the needs of real estate photographers.  It is designed specifically to handle the extreme dynamic range of interior photos with an outside view, giving an attractive and natural-looking presentation of both the contents of a room and the view seen through the windows.

Other updates includes more flexible options for the automatic removal of ghosts in merged images, ability to use exposure fusion with a single RAW file, further improvements to the alignment of hand-held photos, and numerous enhancements designed to make the software easier to use and more intuitive. Photomatix Pro 5 also adds more options to its powerful batch processing, allowing multiple presets and custom settings to be applied to each bracketed set processed.”

Photomatix Pro 5 is available for Windows and Mac for $99 and includes a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom. Existing Photomatix Pro 4 owners can upgrade to version 5 for free.

More info available on here on HDRsoft’s website.



  1. Jared says

    I bought Photomatix 3, got the upgrade to 4 free, and only had to pay $29 to upgrade to 5. Not bad.