Canon EOS M2 Officially Unveiled in Japan and China

Canon EOS M2 Black

Canon has announced the EOS M2 as a follow-up to the original EOS M; however, it may not be coming to North America or Europe. As of the time of this post, the camera has only been announced for China and Japan. 

Canon EOS M2

The EOS M2 features an 18MP CMOS sensor with a new and faster AF system dubbed Hybrid CMOS AF II. The M2 also features built-in WiFi and slight reduction in overall size.

Canon EOS M2 Top

The EOS M2 should ship later this month in Japan. If the camera is announced for US and/or Europe availability, we’ll have more news then.

Canon EOS M2

[via Canon Japan]



  1. znajit says

    humm…the M was a disappointment as it lacked many essentials but more importantly the optical view finder as LCD in day light seems very hard to use. Now, seems the only improvement is the AF as Wi-Fi is a must but who uses it as it would take for ever to up-load RAW shots but lets hope they have a LCD lock button which was as bad as the AF