New Canon EOS 1 Series Model Due in 2014

Canon EOS 1S

New rumors of an upcoming Canon EOS 1 series model suggest that the camera will be announced around the same time as a Nikon D4X in 2014. The significance of this is so that Canon can avoid the debacle it encountered with the 1D X launch.

Recall, that the 1D X was announced in October 2011, but didn’t become available until summer 2012. Meanwhile, Nikon announced the D4 in January 2012 and started shipping units just a couple months later.

Additionally, the new Canon EOS 1 camera is rumored to be going under heavy field testing at the Winter Olympics, which doesn’t quite mesh with previous rumors that it would be a high-MP DSLR and, as such, more suited for studio use . . . unless, of course, Canon has a couple new models up its sleeves. Previously, I’ve heard two different resolutions for cameras in testing – 75MP+ and 44.7MP – both are full frame sensors.

Finally, the new EOS 1 model is rumored to appear alongside new lenses to match. Presumably, that means high-end L series lenses.

If you have more info on the next Canon 1 Series, please reach out via the contact form and let us know.

[via Northlight Images]