Nikon D610 Confirmed to Solve Sensor-Spot Problems of D600

Nikon D610

Roger Cicala over a Lens Rentals, who initially brought to the D600 sensor-spot problems to the forefront, has evaluated several Nikon D610 bodies using the same testing methods. The initial conclusion is the the new shutter in the D610 has, in fact, solved the problem that plagued the D600.

Of course, Nikon has never acknowledged a problem with the D600. It just introduced the D610 a year later that is virtually the same camera with the new shutter mechanism. You can read Roger Cicala’s full report here at Lens Rentals.



  1. Bijunarayanan Palakkad says

    Am Nikon user. now I use D600, Nikon D600 is a excellent Fx Dslr great performer and Superb Image quality.
    all the very best to our new family member “Nikon D610″
    Bijunarayanan Palakkad.

  2. Macjim says

    Well, for me, the D600 was the straw that broke the camels back. After three faulty Nikon cameras, D50/90/600, I will Never buy Nikon ‘s again.

    • jorgen says

      The D90 does not have a general problem. I have two so good that I have not updsted to thr D7000 series.

  3. helviocrs says

    It’s really a shame for Nikon do not fit ALL the D600 shutter devices. Nikon and any other camera manufacturer should correct a factory issues like this.
    Release a new model is a way to get rid the responsibility to correct the D600 problems.
    What think the D600 custumers? What they think to future acquisitions? Will they trust to buy Nikon again?
    I have a D3100 and D7100 and I’m extremely disapointed with this brand.

  4. PRASANNA says

    I have been using nikon dslr cameras since many years. I found nikon dslrs are performing excellent. A year back I upgraded to fx body that is d 600 which is performing very well.
    I did not find any shetter oil problem nor any dust in my pictures.

    I am very happy with my d600 fx body

    Thanks to nikon for bringout a low budget fx dslr