Plustek Announces New OpticFilm 120 Scanner

OpticFilm 120 Scanner

Plustek has announced a new film scanner – the OpticFilm 120, which handles film scans from 35mm film strips, slides, and 120/220 film formats from 6×4.5 up to 6×12.

The OpticFilm 120 includes an eight-element glass lens and stable LED light source, providing a measured resolution of 5,300 dpi. The scanner is bundled with SilverFast Ai Studio 8 by LaserSoft Imaging, which includes Multi-Exposure and iSRD

The OpticFilm 120 is compatible with Windows and Mac and connects via USB 2.0. The OpticFilm 120 retails for $1999.99. Check it out here at B&H Photo.



  1. nebus says

    This has been out for some time. Perhaps this is the official US release from them but it’s been available to buy here in the EU for over 6 months at least.
    And as to why would someone pay this much for a film scanner – it’s cheaper than a used Nikon 8000/9000 and will at least be supported for repairs/parts unlike the Nikon or Minoltas. Plus it’s faster and better quality than the flatbed options out.