Canon Teases New DSLR Coming This Month

Rebel SL1 Teaser

Camera manufacturers seem to have caught on that the rumor mill can build buzz for new products prior to their launch. Recall the recent Nikon Pure Photography teasers leading up to the launch of the Nikon Df. With that in mind, Canon’s Korean website is teasing a new DSLR that is currently covered in white fabric. Some speculation suggests that is a Canon Rebel SL1 under the fabric.

A short message in Korean supposedly states: “November 2013, Canon will start from the white world. Coming soon.”

I’m open to speculation about what that message could mean. If it’s a white colored version of a current DSLR, then I guess I’m in for a major let down.

[via Canon Watch]



  1. says

    A Dual Pixel full frame sensor with build in Wi-Fi, pop-up flash, radio flash controller, rotation touch screen and all 5D3 video recording & AF feature, weather seal in the size of a SL1 with optional grip…. just name your price Canon and people will pay! SL1DX!!? May not be the “Pure Photography” but I rather have the “Pure Sensation”! If you build it, they will buy!