1. sjms says

    the 168MB/s must go so the 180MB/s take their place. showing the 180MB/s image in your story tends to confuse

  2. sjms says

    thank you. the 180MB/s S series card supposedly will be out by the end of this month(ish) and be priced to replace the 168 S at between $200-$229 per card now that there are actually 2 devices in the world that actually use them now. 168MB/s is fast enough for a D4. the cinema camera will be more demanding for its needs at certain levels of operation.
    I did the order for 1 32GB which makes 3 for me.

  3. says

    It is ultra-high write speed performance, and when using with Nikon’s new DSLR “D4”, XQD memory cards can record approximately up to 100 frames in RAW formatin continuous shooting mode.
    The Sony 32GB XQD is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Sony 32GB XQD: Writes/reads fast to mention just a few