Nikon DF Teaser Continues with ‘Pure Photography’ #5

The new Nikon DF full frame, retro-styled camera is almost upon us. The latest teaser reveals more of the camera. Check out the screen captures below for a closer look.

Nikon DF Teaser 3

Nikon DF Teaser 4

Nikon DF Teaser 5

Nikon DF Teaser



  1. says

    Too bulky… Sony has it just about right with their new A7-Series. This is just a DX00 with a different prism and a shutter speed dial. Pretty disappointing considering the strides Sony has made recently. I was really hoping for a “retro-sized” body more so than a “retro-styled” body. The days of huge, bulky cameras are drawing to a close. For enthusiasts and professionals that want a camera for birthdays, fairs, travel and everyday stuff, less is certainly more.

    • JanRob says

      My friend, looks like size is what matters to you most. Grab one now from a shop around you as they’re about to be history. It’s called the point and shoot or compact camera.

    • f-stop says

      Just wondering, have you ever used (or for that matter seen or held) a FM2 or F3?
      Why is it the only thing people care about is the size and weight of a camera vs. what it can actually do?
      The physical size is also predetermined largely by the size of the sensor–if the DF sports the D4 FX sensor, the quality of the image should be very good, while still being smaller than a D4.
      “Retro-styling” is certainly something I would be interested it–solid manual control dials, and having an aperture ring again would be great.

  2. sebas says

    Holy…now it is everything explained…it is a old-looking standard DLSR size camera….what a rip off! Better stick with Pentax.

  3. Geno T says

    I’m seeing shutter speed chosen on top… like in the film cameras. Maybe Canon and Nikon will wise up and realize feature creep isn’t going to sell more cameras.

  4. JR says

    Looks great to me, give me a camera that looks and feels like a camera, not some micro mini gizmo solid block of electronics thing, oh wow this sensor is so good, oh wow this sensor is so that, oh wow this camera is so light ( but we had to change the mount AGAIN so you’re stuck buying new lenses or here we made some adaptors for your lenses )…..please give me a real camera with a real good OVF not a computer screen against my eyeball. And that accepts lenses that I still have from the 80’s. X-mas is coming! Thank you Nikon!