Canon EOS 1 Series Rumors for Q2 2014

Canon EOS 1S

A month or so back we heard a few rumors of a new Canon 1 Series camera with a high MP count that would be launched in 2014. I’ve heard two different resolutions for cameras in testing – 75MP+ and 44.7MP – both are full frame sensors. The latest rumors narrow a launch date for a new camera situated above the Canon 1D X to Q2 2014. 

The new camera would be position in price similar to the 1Ds Mark II and III models (figure $8000+), which is consistent with prior pricing rumors of a $9000 EOS 1S. Of course, there’s nothing solid attached to that name, but that is one that’s been thrown around for better than a year now.

This latest word presumably comes from mentions to select Canon dealers and is geared toward “enhancing the relevance of top ‘Pro’ dealers to professional users, including medium format users.”

If you have more info on the next Canon 1 Series, please reach out via the contact form and let us know.

[via Northlight Images]



  1. Jim L says

    $8000-$9000 – I don’t care what level of professional you are or how much you make… those prices for a camera body are a disgrace…should be against the law.

    • sjms says

      the price you pay to be on the bleeding edge. canon marketing leads them to the water and makes them drink too.

    • Jim L says

      Just like a beer at the ballpark, prices will keep inflating as long as there are suckers that will pay.

  2. Nucleus says

    if price around price 1Dx, then it’s shit) i will bay a Nikon d800 or Sony a7R to my Canon 5D mark3.
    They begin to fall in the market, mirrorless I bought Fuji and optics to it

    • Jim L says

      Didn’t understand anything about that reply Nucleus. Perhaps you should give proper English and complete sentences a try next time.

  3. Gary G says

    Unless Canon can come up with a 45+ Mpix full frame camera for less than $5000 I don’t see much of a future for Canon or all of my Canon L glass. Very disappointing.

  4. says

    I don’t know what the scientific name is, however isn’t there a point where at 75 mp will out resolve the available lenses. (Similar to any quiet Frequency)

    • Jim L says

      I will buy the 7D Mark !! at 1/4 the price and get quality images that will serve any purpose as effectively as the $8000 “pro” ripoff model. The specs in that body are simply not necessary and simply not worth it.