Macphun Launches New Software ‘Intensify’


Macphun has launched a new software program – Intensify, which can be used as a standalone or plug-in for adding detail and contrast to images. The software retails for $39.99; however, it is available for $29.99 as an introductory offer.

Intensify Key Features

  • 4 ways to enhance details on image. Add drama to every photo with Pro Contrast, Structure, Detail, and Smart Sharpness. Adjust details in highlight, midtone and shadow tonal ranges for superb results
  • Professionally created presets. Use dozens of presets to achieve great results with just one click. Create your custom presets and even share with others.
  • Layers & Masking. Gain ultimate flexibility by using multiple layers to stack effects and control masked areas. Selectively enhance part of the image with adjustable brush and smart controls.
  • Image tuning. Take advantage of Macphun proprietary technologies even for traditional adjustments: Temperature, Exposure, Shadows, Saturation, etc.
  • Proprietary 16-bit image processor with RAW support. Reveal the hidden beauty of the smallest details for pixel perfect image enhancement.
  • User-friendly workflow. Easily import photos from iPhoto library or any folder on your Mac. Save progress and continue editing later. And when you done, easily export your photos to iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop or share via social networks.

You can find Intensify here on the Mac App Store.