Nikon Teases New Retro Camera: “It’s In My Hands Again”

Nikon just dropped a new video that looks like it is teasing the upcoming retro-inspired full frame camera. As you can see and hear in the above video, the “Pure Photography” short shows a man wondering a bleak landscape with camera in hand. The distinctive clicks of the camera and the single frame in which the top of the camera just barely appears before the cut to a wider shot tease what’s coming in the next several days/weeks.

Nikon Teaser

What a tease, eh?

Pure Photography will be a multi-part series that we can probably assume will lead to the unveiling of the Nikon F3-style camera.

Nikon F3

As Nikon describes it:  “Nikon presents a series of short movies depicting a photographer roaming through Scotland with a camera as his only companion. Discover how he reunites with his creative side on his journey of self-discovery.”

At the end of the short, we also get just the slightest tease of the front of the new 50mm f/1.8 that is rumored to accompany the new camera.

Nikon 50mm

Stay tuned. This should be fun.