Adobe CC and CS6 Compatibility with OS X Mavericks

Apple OS X Mavericks

Apple released OS X Mavericks yesterday. I’m not going to cover all of the new features. It’s free though and there are several things I do like (e.g., tabbed Finder, and Menu Bar/Dock available on all screens); however, one of the first things photographers want to know before upgrading to a new OS is whether there are compatibility issues with photo editing software.

I’ve used Lightroom 5 in OS X Mavericks and have no problems at all with it thus far. Additionally, Adobe released a statement regarding its CC and CS6 apps. In short, everything should work fine (except After Effects requires an update). The full statement is below.

Adobe and Apple have worked closely together to test Adobe® Creative Cloud applications and Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications for reliability, performance and user experience when installed on Intel® based systems running Mac OS X Mavericks. (v10.9). All Adobe CC and CS6 products are compatible, but a few products require updates to the latest builds to work properly. Adobe Photoshop® CS5, CS4 and CS3 were also tested with Mac OS X Mavericks and there are currently no major issues known.

[via Adobe]



  1. Luke Warm says

    I have recently updated to Mavericks, and my CS6 suite does not allow me to open or save any files. I am able to drag files from the Finder into Photoshop, yet trying to save them in any capacity causes the software to crash. My Adobe Suite has been rendered USELESS. I warn against upgrading to Mavericks for those that use Adobe applications.

    • says

      Thanks for that Luke. I upgraded to Mavericks on my Air and it runs CS 5.1, and it worked (but I just opened the app to see if it would run – I didn’t try to save anything). I’ll wait to upgrade my MBP and my iMac (which both run CS6).

    • Ashlee Garey says

      I am having the exact same problem. My workload is quickly growing as I can’t do anything without photoshop. Adobe’s solution, after spending 2 hours wasting my time, is that I need to update or upgrade my video card?!?

  2. says

    I am interested to know if the Nik (now Google as I understand) filters are still working with the Mavericks OS X. When I clicked on the Adobe link associated with this article the response was an error message that said the page is not available – that’s not comforting.

  3. Drew says

    My issue with CS6 and Mavericks is that I have a 2 monitor set up and I would normally keep the menus on the second monitor. Now that Mavericks treats the two displays very separately, when you switch desktop spaces from a CS6 app and return, the menus group back on the main display. Frustrating. Any ideas on a fix or workaround?