Ricoh GR Limited Edition Features New Styling and Accessories

Ricoh GR Limited Edition

Ricoh has launched a new GR Limited Edition camera with a magnesium-alloy body in a metallic vintage green wave-tone finish and a high-gloss shine.

“Trimmed with a marbleized ebony grip patterned in burl wood, this Limited Edition is accented with a charcoal mode dial, settings buttons and four-way selector.  Also included with the Ricoh GR Limited Edition is the GH-3 hood and adapter in a special textured finish as well as newly designed genuine leather camera case and strap, tinted in a chocolate hue emphasizing the high-end design of this award-winning camera. The Ricoh GR Limited Edition features a special exit screen that brandishes the Ricoh GR Limited Edition logo when the user powers the camera off.”

Other than the limited edition styling and new accessories, the camera remains a Ricoh GR inside. The kit includes a newly designed camera case and strap and the GH-3 hood and adapter. The Limited Edition camera retails for $899.95 and should be available in November. Given the limited edition status and the included accessories, the $100 markup over the regular Ricoh GR doesn’t seem bad at all.