Totally Rad! Software Giveaway


Totally Rad! wants to give away some free software to one lucky Photography Bay reader.

The prize package from Totally Rad! includes the following:

  • One free download of Replichrome
  • One free download of RadLab: Totally Rad! Inc.’s most well-known digital photo editing program, which includes 80 styles you can layer and combine to create the perfect combination for your images.
  • One free download of PicTapGo: An iOS7 compatible version of our photo editing app PicTapGo was just released, offering iPhone users unlimited amounts of filters to edit their photos.
  • A spot on our beta list, giving them the opportunity to try out Totally Rad’s next product before it’s even out to the public.

To enter, drop a comment below and tell us the story of your favorite photo.

Deadline for entry is 9PM ET on October 28, 2013. One comment per person. You can enter from anywhere in the world, so long as local laws don’t prohibit you to enter. Applicable taxes are the responsibility of the winner. I’ll notify the winner by October 31. Good luck!



  1. Joy Swatsworth says

    My favorite shot ever was a silhoutte of my husband and daughter the evening before his cancer surgery. The shot was perfect and still reminds me of how calming the beautiful sky was and how beautiful their silhouttes were against it.

  2. says

    Tough to pick a favorite, though an image of my best friend’s car outside a café is probably my favorite image. This image was captured on a 1950s AGFA 6×9 folder camera that I got for $10 and restored. I used a Sekonic L-358 to get the exposure right on Kodak E200 transparency film. What amazed me was that an image from a cheap and old camera ended up getting several printing requests, and has been licensed for use in a few places.

  3. Alec Smith says

    The best photo I have ever taken was of a beautiful girl in a bathtub filled with fake blood. It is eerie because it’s beautiful yet disturbing.

  4. Chris Eaton says

    My best photo is Dirty Dancing… a single exposure of three massive lightning bolts intertwined. I look forward to trying this software.

  5. W. Kuhlewind says

    My favorite photo is a diagonal shot of a Roman Aquaduct in Ceasarea. The angles, arches, and textures of the stones are virtually palpable. The depth is the best capture I’ve achieved. I think this software can further intensive the sensations.

  6. Martin Tejeda says

    My favorite Photo was on breakfast with my daughter she was 4 and I remember she start playing with her spoon then I was looking at her and snap a shoot with my new 50mm (New at the moment).

  7. Gerard Blink says

    My favourite image is one taken of my daughter, who was then about 5 years old (she’s now 20). It was taken with a Nikon N80 camera with my fav lens of all time, a Nikon 135mm/f2.0. It was an outdoor image at a picnic, with the lens shot wide-open. The bokeh you can get with that lens is simply stunning, and the image had a beautiful bright green background. Anyway, my daughter was laughing at something so the expression on her face was gorgeous, set against a field of bright green. Definitely my fav shot I’ve ever taken.

  8. Brent says

    My favorite photo was taken with my late grandfather’s slr. It was my last day of high school, and after class ended I grabbed my camera and took my friend on a drive out of town. We drove for miles, celebrating summer and simply enjoying the freedom of being out of school. Eventually, we parked by a lake and resolved to sit in the trunk, silently taking in the scenery around us- we were so caught up in the moment, I forgot I had my camera until we were getting up to leave forty minutes later. This is the only photo I took on that trip. I ended up in a relationship with this friend; the drive marked the first time we spent together.

  9. says

    I took my favorite photo a few days ago! I did a family session with 2 little girls under 5 and the sun and weather was perfect – and I can’t wait to share the photos with the family! My fingers are crossed for this giveaway!

  10. Gordon Blair says

    My favorite photo was taken in the Pilansberg National Park. We saw a herd of elephants in the distance and worked out which way they were headed. We managed to get ahead of them and just as the sun was beginning to set, this huge herd of 20+ elephants sauntered into view making for some spectacular shots. We clicked away until the light was too dim. What an experience.

  11. says

    I was taking a portrait of a labourer in B&W; he spoke of his children and his sick wife, how he carried the responsibility of their welfare, and the constant worry about money. I call the photo Trepidation. Each time I see the photo I feel his anguish. This is my favourite photo as it’s about people (not strangers), capturing emotion, and perpetuating that emotion. We’re still in contact.

  12. Angie Kyle says

    My favorite photo is of my son swimming this summer. I am new to photography and just learning how to really use my DSLR. I was so surprised to get a really good shot of the water splashing around my son; I was so proud. I am eager to learn more skills and would really love to win the Totally Rad Giveaway.

  13. Bill Waxman says

    My favorite photo is of an adult Bald Eagle. I had been following the bird trying for good in flight pictures with my Nikon D7000 and Nikon 200mm f2.8 ED IF AF-S and when the bird got to a favorite roosting spot in a tree close by, it landed and looked backward at me while bending over and with an expression that seemed to include the message, “Oh, yeah! Well, here’s lookin’ at you!” The pose made it appear the bird was “Mooning” me. What I liked so much about it is that when almost everyone looked at the photo it k awhile before they figured out what thy were looking at and when they did the laughed out loud. A picture that includes a joke and a slow burn all in one shot is rare and I loved it.

  14. says

    One of my favourite images is of two women seated on the rooftop garden of the metropolitan Museaum of Art in New York City. One is holding a beer and looks totally relaxed- the other woman, next to her has what appears to be a glass of wine next to her, and by the look on her face and the wringing of her hands looks like she is going through the throes of hell. A true moment in time.!i=2271436592&k=TXSjTbL&lb=1&s=A

  15. Jorge Rousselin says

    My favorite photo is of a fountain next to the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, TX while I was studying photography. The light was just perfect and created deep shadows and reflections on the fountain pool. The massive tower in the back had crisp lines extending off the frame. I love the photo because it’s about simplicity and form. I shot it in black and white film to accentuate the simple forms and lines.

  16. Jim Van Hoy says

    My favorite photo is usually the one I’m taking at that moment. Then of course we need to see what it really looks like on the computer screen! Sometimes I’m disappointed…but not too often. Then is someone “shares” my photo on Facebook or Google+, I realize that it is special to someone else too. Those are the best photos.

  17. says

    Stupid me. I was visiting my dad in Montana. We headed up to Glacier when I jumped out of the vehicle to take a pic of an impressive Ram. Inching ever closer I arrived at just the right distance. Then it happened. Trying to get eye level with him I squatted down. He picked his head up, so I did too. After several of these motions, I realized my foolish error as he lowered and prepared to take on what he clearly thought of was a challenge to reign. In humbled and fearful fashion, I fled to the safety of nearby car while he proudly trotted off gloating. All was not lost however, as I managed to snap this photo just before the charge.

  18. says

    My favorite photo is not anywhere near the best I have taken, but it is my favorite nonetheless. In fact you will see it being used as my avatar in this comment thread. I was at Rocky Mountain National Park west of Estes Park, Colorado and it was late in the day, the light wasn’t good, I didn’t have a tripod and had a limited selection of lenses with me. I saw these elk sparring in the meadow just past the north entrance gate. Because is was so late and I was so far from my hotel, I didn’t have time to get other gear so I captured this image with what I had. What intrigues me most is what the other (non-involved) elk must have been thinking. You can add your own caption. :)

  19. Bernard Baril says

    My daughter and I are in a carousel in motion. The weather is great, the sky is a beautiful blue. She is 4 or 5 years old at that time. This is happiness, the shot shows exactly that. The thrill of speed, movement and the good time.
    I am a grandfather now, my daughter is 34 years old and has three adorable children.

  20. Jen Tran says

    My favorite photo was from last year of a friend at her wedding walking down the aisle with her father and the light of the photo glittered in her blue eyes, it was so beautiful.

  21. Bob Essner says

    My favorite shot was at Elephant Rock State Park in mid-Missouri in the Fall. The photo had all the autumn colors with the huge elephant-like rocks in the background. The balance of color, trees, leaves, rocks was about a perfect as I could imagine but what was amazing about it is that almost everyone that viewed the 16×20 picture thought it was a painting. I don’t generally do much software enhancement to my pictures so I’m entering to hopefully win this package and expand my capabilities. Thank you!

    ps – I don’t have a website link to post for viewing the picture and I couldn’t see a way to attach it.

  22. Steven Hong says

    My fav is a vacation photo of my wife, who is standing in front of a New England Seafood joint, holding our beloved Maltese Molly Dawg under 1 arm, while showing Molly a live lobster being held in her other hand. My wife’s look of glee, couped with Molly’s look of digusted wonderment. gives me a belly laugh everytime I see the photo, and is a captured moment I’ll always cherish. I’ve just stepped into the 21st century with my 1st dslr, and would love to try out this software.

  23. Ron Taylor says

    My favourite shot has yet to be taken! I have taken sooo many photos I do not think from them all I have 1 favourite, I cherish them all. With recent changes to the software licensing for the software I was using, I am on the hunt for new software that will allow me the same or better levels of creativity! With many years invested in the old software it means a new learning curve but the opportunity to produce stunning photos is worth the effort!

  24. says

    My favourite image was one I took of my son when he was about 3 yrs old , standing on the wet brick pavement on a cold and grey winter’s day. He was standing in the rain with a white umbrella over his head that acted as a diffuser. He had a look of pure innocence on his face and I had to capture this moment. This is my very favourite black and white image.