Sony NEX-A7 and NEX-A7r Images Leak Out

Sony NEX-A7r

The upcoming Sony NEX-A7 and NEX-A7r cameras have leaked out ahead of official release.

The NEX-A7 is rumored to feature a full frame 24MP sensor with AA filter, while the NEX-A7r is rumored to feature a full frame 36MP sensor without an AA filter.

Expect an official announcement on Wednesday.

Sony NEX-A7

[via DCI]



    • Jack says

      The drop in megapixel isnt linked to the presence of the filter or not.its because they already have a full frame 24 mgpixel used in the sony A99 and the 36 mgpixel full frame without AA filter is the one used on the nikon D800E.
      God bless photographers

  1. Dave says

    Hi Harvey, the Anti-Alias (AA) filter helps to prevent an affect called moiré … a herringbone type pattern that can drastically detract from the quality of a photo. An AA filter has been on almost all digital cameras since their inception until very recently. Removing the AA filter allows for sharper images when top quality equipment and lenses are used … but at the risk of the moiré phenomenon.
    Why the A7 is 24mp and the A7r is 36mp is strictly a marketing thing and has nothing to do with the AA filter.


    • Harvey says

      Thanks, Dave! If I were to use Sony lenses on the new Nex, would I see any significant difference? I find it hard to conceive that Sony would have a model with no AA filter, and allow users to get inferior results. Which way would you go given that you would only use Sony lenses? I am going to purchase one or the other. I primarily do travel and police (crime scene) photography.

  2. Ben says

    The difference in Megapixels, is because both have the same base sensor, but the A7r is Full Frame.

    To put it into perspective:
    – Take a Slice of bread, This is a FULL-FRAME sensor.
    – Cut off all the Crust until you have a PERFECT RECTANGLE, This is a Crop Sensor.

    The difference between 24mpx and 34 mpx, might sound Like a big jump, but it really isnt. Chances are, if you have Lenses for another E-mount Camera, they are going to be made for the Crop Sensor, Effectively letting the Full Frame Sensor see the very edge of what the lens can see.

    This is sometimes a good thing, like if you are using a LONG telephoto, and want to get a bit more in the picture.

    This is definitely going to show some problems for folks that Like the Fisheye on the 16mm, because you will definitely see the image circle “AKA CRUST” when taking photos on the Full Frame A7r. The other downside, is that lenses are sharpest in the center, and some of the Sony lenses, took advantage of the Crop Sensor to hide the bad edges… This is where that $90 each SIGMA set you bought off Amazon last Christmas, is going to prove that it really is a Sigma product… and you will never want to use them on the A7r.

    I personally, will have a blast with the A7r, with a Metabones Canon to E-mount adapter, and I will use my Canon glass, rather than my Nex stuff, and only use that stuff on my Nex-3 or Nex-7, which will likely be had for around $500 once these bad boys make it to the market.