Canon 44.7MP Pro DSLR Updates

Canon EOS 1S

There are a couple of Canon DSLR rumors for a high-MP DSLR. One is a 75MP+ DSLR and one is a 44.7MP DSLR. Canon’s current flagship DSLR, the EOS 1D X, rings in at 18.1MP. Previous rumors suggest that both DSLRs are undergoing field testing as prototype models.

The latest rumors suggest that the 44.7MP model is undergoing heavy field-testing with a plan to announce the “development” of the camera later this year or early next year. An update on the rumors points to problems with the battery life – the camera is heavily draining batteries when shooting 4K video.

This info is consistent with what I heard a couple months back.

. . . the source claims Canon will launch a DSLR with a 44.7MP sensor (8192 x 5462) that provides 4K cinema capability without bayer artifacts, and can do UHDTV with a slight crop.

The challenge with the new camera has been to develop the processing speed to stream the video at full bandwidth while not chewing through batteries. (See prior post)

Now that this info seems to be arriving at multiple sources, I’m starting to feel a little better about it and the possibility of seeing a new, big megapixel Canon DSLR (at least an announcement) this year.

As for naming schemes, the only real name being thrown around is the EOS 1S. The significance of the name would be Canon dropping the “D” in its DSLRs. I think it’s safe to do that now; however, I haven’t heard anything that confirms with any credibility that the EOS 1S will be the next name.

If anyone has details that can corroborate these rumors or other rumors of big megapixel DSLRs from Canon, please use the contact form to send them in.



  1. says

    Now here’s an idea. Why doesn’t Canon bring out a high end camera that just takes great photos. Drop the video and make a better stills camera. Then bring out a second camera that shoots movies and call it a Video Camera. Now that would be new!!! Cameras that do both should not sit at the top of the range in my opinion.

  2. Jim Leary says


    I couldn’t agree more. Why should we have to overpay for the next great camera because it has video we don’t even want? The prosumer line of camera bodies are spectacular. I own the 7D and couldn’t be happier. All I want in their next version is less noise at higher ISO and just improved overall performance in accordance with the times but screw the video. Keep the price of camera bodies down by eliminating video or offer two versions. The 7D Mark II should have a Mark II and a Mark IIv (“V” for video). Let us choose. I’d much rather save several hundred dollars by eliminating video and use that for a lens or accessories.

  3. Ken says

    Enough with the megapixels, I just want more dynamic range! Give me 16bit color and 21mp and the same f-stops DR as a Phase One. Listen to me Canon!!!

  4. KELLYGREEN says

    I agree too—-how many pixels does one need
    I do not like combination of still with video
    Still camera for still and video for video

  5. ton says

    36 x 24 mm is quite something,but will never be mediun format. Yes I also would like to have mediun format quality . Doesn’t everybody? And what the heck, who is printing A0
    For me A1does the job and 20 mp is just enough!
    What does a Nkon d800 bring extra? No, the mpix race should ended by now! Lets talk about quality, low and high ligth performace and speed