Sony NEX-7R Coming Soon; Leaks Already Free-Flowing

Zeiss Lens for Sony NEX-7

Another interesting leak situation happened with Sony’s rumored NEX-7R, which is expected to serve as the replacement for the highly-regarded Sony NEX-7.

As noted by Sony Alpha Rumors:

New York fashion Photographer Clayton Nelson shared a couple of pictures he has taken “with the Sony NEX-7R, a new prototype APS sensor digital camera” (these are his own words).

The shared images have sinced been removed from Nelson’s Facebook account; however, there seems to be a lot coming together that makes this sound very legit.

Previous rumors suggested that the NEX-7 replacement would be unveiled in October 2013 (likely prior to PhotoPlus 2013 that occurs at the end of October). This would be a big camera for this rather large show and would give Sony a nice chunk of press for the prosumer crowd leading into the holiday season.

Additionally, the Sony NEX-7 successor (previously referred to as the NEX-7N) has been rumored to stick with a 24MP APS-C sensor instead of pushing its luck with a higher-MP offering.

Sony NEX-7R Rumored Specs

  • New 24 MP APS-C sensor with 1/2 stop improvement and increased dynamic range
  • 3.8 million dot EVF
  • Touchscreen
  • Hybrid Contrast and Phase Detection AF
  • Tri Navi design reviewed
  • Improved focus peaking with choice of colors
  • Wi-Fi
  • No built-in GPS
  • Same size and form factor of the current NEX-7 but with a minor design changes