Pentax Photo Gallery Leaks K-3 Model Name; Full Frame Pentax DSLR Arriving Soon?

Pentax K Side

The Pentax K-3 is the full frame magical unicorn for Pentax shooters. This camera has been in the rumor mill for longer than Pentax shooters care to admit. However, that magical full frame unicorn may be just around the corner.

Rice High managed to capture a screenshot of the Pentax K-3 category appearing one the official Pentax Photo Gallery Japanese website.

Pentax K-3 in Pentax Photo Forum

It looks like we could see the fabled full frame shooter from Pentax this year. If so, I would certainly expect to see it prior to PhotoPlus 2013 next month.

Stay tuned Pentax shooters.



  1. abacab says

    Uh, considering it is classed in the same box as the K-5, it seems much more likely that this is not a FF but rather a 24mp APS-C refresh of the K-5.

    You know, just like has been rumored for the past year.

  2. Markac says

    The K-3 is another refresh of the K-5 II which was a minor refresh of the K-5 which was a refresh of the K-7 (yawn!). Hopefully the FF DSLR is not too far away? Rumour has it this will be an ‘A’ series camera and not a ‘K-1′ etc..