More Signs of Impending Nikon D610 Launch

Nikon D600

Recent rumors suggest that a Nikon D610 is just around the corner to serve as a replacement for the Nikon D600. New evidence that the launch is impending comes from Nikon Rumors’ finding that the Nikon D600 has been removed from Nikon’s Minimum Advertised Price list. 

Accordingly, retailers can now advertise and sell the Nikon D600 at any price they wish without adverse action from Nikon. Expect a price drop to be forthcoming in the next few days, and expect the Nikon D610 to arrive between now and PhotoPlus 2013 at the end of October.

Additionally, the Nikon D5100 should be getting a similar fire sale response soon to make room for the Nikon D5300 – with the Nikon D5200 positioned underneath it for the next year.

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. says

    I returned mine because of dust and oil. I had issues before I had even changed the lens! I’m not sure if this was ever fixed but hopefully Nikon can get past that. Maybe they will add Wifi and a motor so that the aperture can be adjusted in live view and during video shooting especially. That was one of my biggest issues since I do quite a bit of video shooting. I also can’t understand why they do not let you change audio levels while shooting. What’s the point of monitoring my audio with levels and a headphone out if I can’t do anything if the levels start peaking? Image quality was great though.

  2. VK says

    Sold my D600, lost 20% of purchasing price. Enough is enough with sensor dust in top left corner. Thanks, Nikon. 610 is supposed to be fixed 600, but what if they screw it up again? 800E is tempting, but damn it, price is double and I don’t print posters.

  3. says

    I’m with ya VK! Why hasn’t Nikon just admitted it and replace the D600 with a recall instead of coming up with the 610 – so lame. The 600 is my go to camera except when I need the size of the D800. They need to come up with a camera model in-between the two FF with video.
    Seriously thinking Canon switch right now.