Sony Unveils New HDR-AS30V POV Action Camera

Sony HDR-AS30V

Sony has added the new HDR-AS30V to is action cam line-up, following the AS15 and AS10 from a year ago. The AS30V adds 1080/60p video capture as a step up for 1080/30p on the HDR-AS15.

This is also the first Sony action cam to feature GPS on board. It can capture single 11.9MP still images, as well as capturing images with interval capture mode.

The HDR-AS30V also captures 720p footage up to 120fps. A Carl Zeiss lens delivers a 170° wide-angle view, along with SteadyShot image stabilization.

Like its predecessor, the HDR-AS30V features built-in WiFi with the ability to connect to mobile devices using Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app. Additionally, a new live view remote, the RM-LVR1, connects via WiFi an serves as a dedicated remote for the camera. The HDR-AS30V also features NFC for one-touch sync with Sony Xperia and other compatible Android devices.

Sony HDR-AS30V in Waterproof Case

Several new mounts and accessories were also announced alongside the HDR-AS30V.

The Sony HDR-AS30V should be available later this month for $299.99, and ships with a waterproof case down to 197′. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

Also, the HDR-AS15 drops in price down to $199.99 (previously $269.99). Check it out here at B&H Photo.



  1. says

    FYI. You can get 1080 60p on the AS-10 and AS-15 in a new firmware update from sony’s website. It looks fantastic. Its still a great camera and the smaller size on the new one is also an added bonus.

  2. Oberoth says

    Thanks W. Ashley, I didn’t know that. The IS on the Sony POV’s is definitely the best compared to the other competitors but I was really hoping to see 4k take off this year given we had 4k in the GoPro’s last year, albeit at 12fps.

    The one thing I look for in a POV is good battery life and I’m a little worried Sony have sacrificed this for a smaller body.