Topaz ReStyle 50% Off Coupon Ends This Week

Topaz ReStyle

The new Topaz ReStyle plug-in was announced earlier this month, featuring a vast array of styles and looks to apply to images.  As part of the plug-in’s launch, Topaz Labs offered a 50% deal on ReStyle for this month.

Topaz ReStyle retails for $59.99; however, it is available through August 31 at an introductory deal price of $29.99. Just use the coupon code restyleit at checkout.

You can check it out and download a free trial here on Topaz Labs’ website.


Topaz ReStyle is compatible with Photoshop CS4-CS6, Photoshop Elements 9-11, Lightroom 2-4, Aperture 2-3, and will work as a standalone app via Topaz photoFXlab.




    Restyle is the lazy mans way to surprisingly interesting photos! I downloaded tested and purchased the day it was launched!! $30, Hay! With it I have turned Dull-Cold photos into Blazing-Hot ones. Give it a try.