iMacs up to $150 Off at B&H


B&H has a sale on 21.5″ and 27″ iMacs right now with up to $150 off and free shipping.

Macs are always a good deal at B&H due to the solid prices on AppleCare that are substantially below what Apple charges at retail. I’ve been buying Macs from B&H for years for myself and they’ve always beat Apple’s pricing on both the Mac and the AppleCare. I’m not sure how they offer the cut rate prices on AppleCare, but that’s a key reason why I stick with B&H for any Mac or other Apple hardware that I buy.

I had a conversation with one of the Mac sales guys at B&H a year or so back and he told me that B&H was the biggest Mac retailer in New York state – selling more Macs that even Apple in New York.

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