Sony NEX-FS700R Cinema Camera Leaks Out

Sony FS700

Current Sony NEX-FS700

Sony has registered a new cinema camera with the Korean Radio Research Agency prior to its official launch. The NEX-FS700R is expected to launch in the coming days or weeks and will presumably be based around the NEX-FS700 – either a successor product or a sibling product.

Sony FS700R

Korean RRA listing for the Sony NEX-FS700R registered by Sony Corporation on August 13, 2013.

The specs of the FS700R remain undisclosed at this point; however, given the recent introduction of the Sony RX1R, the “R” designation could mean that the FS700 would forego an antialiasing filter like the RX1R. Of course, such a feature doesn’t make as much sense for a cinema camera as it does a high resolution stills camera. Additionally, looking at other past Sony camera models, an “R” designation has simply been a new model of a particular line (e.g., the Sony NEX-5R).

We’ll have more on the Sony NEX-FS700R as its launch day approaches.

If you happen to be informed on the upcoming FS700R, feel free to drop some info via the contact form.

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  1. Mark Sasahara says

    The following is speculation:

    The AA filter will remain. Even at 4K, I think an AA filter is still required. The R designation relates more to video cameras, rather than stills. Think of the F900R, or EX1R, etc. Slight improvements.

    Most likely the new features will relate to 4K, RAW and LOG recording, using the external 4K R5 recorder. Possibly additional onboard features. Right now there is a $400 firmware update that Sony will install @ their factory centers to enable 4K recording and interface with the R5 4K recorder. Probably Menu updates to facilitate interface/functions of the R5 recorder.

    I think the FS700/FS700R will be around for a little while. Having spoken to a couple of Sony people, Sony’s commitment to the F5 and F55 extends to the FS700 and it’s 4K recording capabilites.

    The FS700 and FS100 are great, inexpensive cameras, that get you out of DSLR BS. With adapters, I use my old (1990’s) Nikkor lenses and my newer EF lenses in my FS100, to great effect. Super35 is a cinematography film format that is slightly larger than APS-C and gives the nice shallow DOF that everyone likes.

    I would love it the FS700R has lot’s of new, built-in features and capabilities, but it’s possible that the FS700R may simply have the 4K firmware upgrade included as part of the standard model. Not earth shattering, but being 4K ready, out of the box, is pretty good.

    Not everyone needs 4K, but’s it’s gaining traction. The R5 Recorder can be rented for those times when you do need 4K. Renting is always an option when it comes to film/video production.

    I hope that there are some nice features like: expanded onboard recording capabilities, increased frame rates at higher resolutions, TC in/out, multiple HD/SDI outs with switchable OSD. But, Sony has to protect the F5, so who knows.

    Alas, I think the upgrade will be more incremental.

  2. says

    I agree that it’ll probably be an incrementally improved version of the current camera. However, I’d be really, really happy if those incremental improvements were:

    1) A broadcast-friendly 50Mb/s 4:2:2 internal codec.
    2) 10-bit (rather than the FS700’s 8-bit) output through the HD-SDI port to really make the most of the new S-LOG2 capabilities with an external recorder.