New Video Clips Demonstrate Canon 70D Dual Pixel AF Effectiveness

Canon 70D Front LCD

Every now and then a camera manufacture delivers one of those “wow” features that really moves a product line forward. The more and more I see from the Dual Pixel AF in the new Canon 70D, the more I am impressed. 

These new video clips show just how smooth and accurate the Dual Pixel AF can be with moving subjects during video capture. Based on Canon’s recent history with video and live view AF on DSLRs and the EOS M, I really didn’t think Canon would be the one to nail it.

However, if everything that we’ve seen so far holds up in the final product, then the Canon 70D may be a very special camera indeed.



  1. William says

    What did you mean by “I really didn’t think Canon would be the one to nail it”? Sony had this ever since the SLT.

    • Jerry says

      Right on! My A57 focuses just as fast, and it’s last year’s model! Now, I don’t like to bash other companies, but I do take umbrage with fawning over something that not only isn’t that impressive, but is actually behind the times!

  2. Charly Nebeker says

    It is good to see Canon catching up to the Sony STL’s, years later. Now if they can only get cameras that have all their lenses auto focus done from inside the camera like my old Pentax or newer Sony’s, I might switch cameras again. I have use Canons since my first 35mm point and shoot in the 1960’s, but found more acceptable (to me) in later SLRs to go elsewhere. Still do like the Canon digitals, though since they do not do as well in the wide or panoramic area it have changed to Sony there too. Still on the bright side, I have made a point of giving away older cameras to kids who showed an in photography. A couple are still at it and using Canon’s in a big way, so Canon is profiting from my loss!