Sony A77 Successor (aka A79) is a 32MP Mirrorless Camera?

Sony Mirrorless Patent Diagram

Rumored specs of the upcoming A77 successor, which will presumably carry the A79 badge suggest that it will sport a whopping 32MP APS-C sensor. Recall that prior rumors (which are still standing strong) pointed to an A-mount camera that eschewed the current translucent mirror technology in favor of a full-on mirrorless design.

Sony A79 Rumors

The autofocus system will, of course, have to be on the image sensor. And, we see these systems improving with each new generation – particularly with Sony’s NEX-6 and NEX-7 cameras. The rumored specifications suggest a 480 focus point AF system that would be embedded in the image sensor. Again, Sony has been solid in the AF department with its recent cameras, so I expect fast, phase-detection AF from these focus points.

The other crazy spec is a 4GB buffer, which would go a long way toward managing the rumored 14fps frame rate at that massive resolution. Perhaps this is the way to make up for the processor speed that never seems to catch up to the growing number of pixels within each new generation of cameras.

Sony A79 Rumored Specs

  • 32MP Exmor HD sensor (new generation)
  • 4GB ¬†buffer
  • Full mirrorless focus, 480 focus points
  • 4MP EVF
  • 8-14 fps
  • Magnesium body

The Sony A79 is rumored to be available in early 2014. Accordingly, I expect an announcement to come at or around CES 2014.

If you have legit info on the Sony A79 or other upcoming cameras, feel free to reach out via the contact form.

[via SAR]



  1. MickeyD says

    Great for Sony to use by previous models to make a newer model more stronger than there previous models both it body material and in technology! This only proves that the new technology can be done, that companies like Canon and Nikon just keep there customers dragging along with little bits of technology from year to year? I have a customer of Nikon for about 35 years and every year the DSLR for semi-professionals is getting harder and harder to buy due to over-pricing? They are experiencing camera problems with NO immediate fixes in mind. I thought the D7000 I bought was going to be my baby for shooting weddings, ha! When you have soft focusing and back focusing problems with no fixes in mind it makes you wonder if all the technology was thoughtfully checked out prior to building this camera body! So Sony keep up with the Mirrorless Technology and I will un-load all of my Nikon junk and Re-Invest into the Sony Brand!

  2. Phiroze B Javeri says

    The semi-transparent mirror was destined to fail, as did the Canon Pellix of the sixties. The new mirrorless cannot be a true successor of the A77 just because of misleading nomenclature. The A77 is kaput, let’s admit it.

  3. Lindsay Coulter says

    As an X Cannon & Olympus user I found the translucent mirror on the A55 worked very well. I now have an A99, amazing kit, with many advantages over old SLR technology. I think Sony are on the right track with this technology.