Peak Design Unveils New Capture Camera Clip

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip v2

Peak Design has launched a new Kickstarter campaign (after two hugely successful prior campaigns) for the second generation of its Capture camera clip for DSLRs. The new design incorporates customer feedback on the first-gen version to add tripod use, sling strap compatibility and GoPro mount.

Capture v2

Improvements in the new Capture system includes the following:

  • Converts to a quick-release clamp for a tripod or monopod
  • Works as a GoPro® mount with optional accessory, letting you mount your POV device to any backpack strap, belt, or strap-like object
  • Compatible with a wider range of photography gear, like sling-style camera straps and tripod heads (ARCA®-type and Manfrotto® RC2)
  • 2 versions available – the more affordable Capture® for hobbyists/beginners, and the fuller-featured CapturePRO® for serious professional photographers

Capture v2 backplate

Prices on the new models are as follows:

  • Capture – $59.99
  • CapturePRO – $79.99
  • GoPro mount – $20
  • PROpad – $20

The Peak Design Capture, CapturePRO, GoPro mount and PROpad are available through the Kickstarter campaign until August 23, 2013.



  1. says

    I’m confused, shouldn’t they have invested their money from the success of their other products to fund this one? Why another kickstarter campaign when they have already had their business “kick-started”?

  2. says

    @SReczks One of the first lessons they teach at business school is to use someone else’s money if you can…

    I have to admit that I missed the post when the 1st gen unit was reviewed so it was not at all clear to me in reading this and looking at the photos exactly what this product does. Going back to the review of the 1st gen unit or to the kickstarter site makes it pretty clear. It looks like a very nice accessory. I was ready to pull the trigger until I realized that, even though it’s “Arca compatible,” one has to use their quick release plate. I’ve grown quite fond of my custom twist-free QR plate. Bummer.