Watch a RED EPIC Sensor Get Fried by a Laser

We’ve posted these warnings before. The cool lasers at concerts will fry your camera’s sensor. Previous warnings have come in the form of Canon 5D Mark II and other HDSLRs getting cooked. This time, however, a RED EPIC (about a $20k camera) got fried at a concert.


Here’s what the image from the RED EPIC looked like before the laser hit:


And, here’s what the image form the RED EPIC looked like after it was hit by a laser:


I’ve been asked to record concerts over the past couple years since I originally saw this horror, and my first question is always, “Will you have lasers during the concert?”

Keep your cameras safe folks.

[via PetaPixel]



  1. Ме says

    Cool … and we go out watching those lasers at the concerts … so what that they can fry our eyes too .. them dumb organizers want more lights, who cares about the people in the crowd.